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Possibility Outpost 6/2004-present

Yahoo 8/2005-9/2006

Lightera/Ciena 7/98-5/2004

Hitachi 12/97-7/98

Intuit 10/96-7/98

Com21 2/96-2/97

Silicon Graphics (SGI) 8/95-2/96

ICTV 5/94-9/95

Silicon Graphics (SGI) 1/94 - 5/94

UCSC 7/93-11/93 & 1/94-4/94

Net Express 9/92 - 8/93

Sun Microsystems 4/92 - 9/92

PAC Bell 1/92 - 4/92

Developed a language called Emulation Script Language (ESL) providing a generic programming environment for connecting UNIX workstations to IBM mainframes over a 3270 emulation stream. Implemented in ESL a system for downloading trunc usage statistics from AnswerDB to Oracle hosted on a Sun workstation.

Sun Microsystems 8/91 - 1/92

Developed automated test suites under X/Open TET environment. Compiler and language conformance testing and test development. Created detailed formal test plans for C++, C, Lisp, Ada, Modula2 and Pascal.

Litton Integrated Automation 3/90 - 8/91

Convergent 8/89 - 2/90

One of a team of six that designed and partially implemented ISO and NMF compliant network management system using C++ on a Unix System V.3 box. Used ISODE, CMIP/CMIS, ASN.1, X.500, CMOT, MIB's and Motif. Made thorough use of object oriented design and object oriented programming, system worked on a message passing model. Implemented NMF's Managed Objects operating over an interoperable interface.

IBM 4/89 - 8/89

Systems programming on IBM's AOS 4.3 compatible UNIX Operating System. Helped debug Ethernet and TTY driver, DOS virtual file system interface, profiled and tested kernel, made many fixes and upgrades to the OS.

System Industries 10/88 - 4/89

NEC 7/87 - 10/88

Harold Harvey 7/86 - 7/87

University of Oregon 8/84 - 8/85

Complete Software Life Cycle Design and Implementation of a graphics based automated diagramming tool that formed part of CASE environment. Project was on a VAX 11/750, BSD 4.2, using a HP 2677-A color monitor. Working in a four member project team, we completed a needs analysis, requirements definition, full specs, data flow charts, structure charts, data dictionary, module and system level test plan, documentation, user's and installation manuals.