Morning Scrum Meetings are Like the American Family Dinner

Todd Hoff's picture

In the US family sit-down dinners are a cherished tradition. Many Americans have fond and powerful memories of sitting down around table with their family at night and eating together. I realize other cultures have very different dinner traditions, but I was struck how much like a family dinner is the morning scrum meeting.

In a family dinner there is a sense of community. You are surrounded by people who support you, who are there for you, and who will help you when times turn tough. During the day you battle the world and then you come home to the comfort of the family circle that is the dinner table. You gather together. It's a time to talk to each other, reconnect, and figure out how everyone is doing. Every gathering is a ritual act of building community.

Scrum meetings create a very similar sense of family and community. Without a regular meeting we are just individuals carrying out tasks like machines. It's being part of a team that helps elevate work to life.