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You Can't Twitter at Relativistic Speeds

Twitter is entraining the technorati on an unbreakable hedonic treadmill. The treadmill gorges itself on an infinite supply info mediated dopamine hits. Addiction, divorce, 12 steps, and the grief cycle are sure to follow . But what really should concern twitterites is their global stream-o-conscious will shatter once we travel in space at near light speed.

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Spam is the New Role Playing Game

Spammers must be getting out of work romance novelists to create spam. A lot of spam weaves wonderful little stories that invite you to play the lead role in an exciting other world. Often there is a comely damsel in distress and you are cast as the hero, if only you would open up your wallet and help. Not only will you get the willing damsel, but great riches await when you finally overcome your fear, climb the tower, kiss the princess, and collect your just reward.

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Slumming in Poor America is the New Adventure Travel

Today every patch of the earth is reachable with a good guide and ready cash. You can watch the rising sun slowly reveal primary colored birds as glittering gems while camped atop trees in the deepest jungles. Sherpas will carry you to the peak of any mountain. Once secret countries now welcome you with outstretched palms. What's left for the jaded ennui riddled traveler? How can you do something that will create envy in your seen-it-all, done-it-all, experienced-it-all social circle?

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Does Art as a Hammer Inflict Defensive Wounds as it Kills?

I watched the Oscar acceptance speech for the movie Crash. The person accepting the reward, shockingly, said something interesting. He said: art is not a mirror, it's a hammer.

And like in so many TV shows these days, a vision drilled its way into my head. The immediate overwhelming image plunged into my mind was of a giant hammer slamming towards my head and me thrusting my arms up to block the attack. Just before my death, the last thing I saw was the word "Art" written blood red on the hammer's head.

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The Microsoft Dysfunction

Mini-Microsoft's "Vista and MS are really screwed up" thread at is just fascinating.

Few of us who have worked in Dilbert's world can't find something to relate to in this post's rain storm of comments. This is my favorite class of comment though:

Just suck it up, make the best of it and stop pointing fingers and get your job done!
Stand up and fucking do something about the problems instead of being a part of the problem.

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Web2.0 is Ping Pong for the Id - It's Not Journalism

Dave Winer ( talks about Dan Gilmore's ( plan to save the San Jose Mercury News using Web2.0 style citizen journalism.

My post here is an example of why I don't think that will work. I have many thoughts on this subject that I would love to develop, unpack, and express well and wittily. But I won't.

I have to make ready for work so I simply don't have time.

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Deal or No Deal is a poorman's Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and Sudoku is a Poorman's Crossword Puzzle

I noticed this relationship after playing the games for a while. Millionaire and crossword seem ornate where Deal or No Deal and Sudoku had been whittled down to the sparest combination of elements that are fun and appeal to a large audience.

And by "poorman" I don't mean to be snarky. I am horrible at all of the games, so no real or implied elitism is going on. Oh, and I would never make it to the final round in Jeopardy either. What I mean by "poorman" is the pure genius of the conceptual economy in the design of the new games.

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With Vpops do we even need an OS anymore?

What the heck is a vpop? A vpop (virtualized program) is a program
designed specifically to run in it's own virtualized CPU environment.

With vpops we don't need an OS anymore. What do we use instead?

Let's make the move to virtualization instead of
virtual machines.

In this future we download highly optimized, fully verticalized, bare metal
programs into their own virtualized CPU environments.

These stand-alone virtualized programs (vpops):
* Cooperate by talking over IP.
* Use a shared nothing architecture.

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Building a Wall on the Mexican Border is Just Stupid

The minuteman say they will build a fence across the US Mexico border even if the US government won't do it.

Not considering any political issues, a fence won't make a difference because all they have to do is build nice, safe, hard to find tunnels. Didn't any of these guys watch The Great Escape where prisoners of war built tunnels right under the Nazi's noses? How will you stop tunnel building across 1000s of miles of open border?

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NFL Referees are Like Greek Gods - Destroying Mortal Lives

While watching the Pittsburgh vs Colts game I couldn't help but think the game had all the elements of a Greek Tragedy, with the referees playing the modern version of gods. The gods may dress better and get all the mortal chicks, but the power refs hold within a game are those of metaphorical life and death.

And the gods were whimsical this week. This week marks some of the worst NFL refereeing I can remember. You may think I simply can't remember because of too much beer consumption, but you would be mostly wrong.

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Lynch Mobs are the Wisdom of Crowds Too

I sniffed the blogsphere and smelled a thought that might be friend or foe.

From :
If there is one idea that encapsulates what Web 2.0 is about, one idea
that wasn�t a factor before but is a factor now, it�s the idea of
leveraging the network to uncover the Wisdom of Crowds.

Before we get too hypnotized by our shiny google like toys, we should remember:
Lynch Mobs are the Wisdom of Crowds Too

Crowds are not wise. In following a crowd your are being lead. That is not the same as wisdom.

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We are All Xmen in Our Own Minds

If you had real wings and could fly majestically through the sky would you want a drug that would "cure" you? What if the simple touch of your hand would kill another person, would you want a drug that could cure you then? What if some people had scary powers that could cause great harm if abused, would you want them to be forcefully cured against their will?

This is the conflict at the heart of the latest Xmen movie. Similar themes are being explored in USA Network's 4400 series. And it's also an emerging issue at the heart of our ever growing understanding of how our minds work.

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How do You Handle Manners in this New Pre-Modern World?

Technically we might be in the post post post modern period, but I think we are really in the pre-modern period. The next generation will see such changes in technology at all levels that it will be reconsidered as the new modern period. So that leaves us as the pre-modern period.

Our pre-modern world has so many new social situations brought on by technology that I am finding all the manners I learned in kindergarten aren't of much help anymore. How do you handle the following situations?

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Batman and Voltaire: An Unexpected Dynamic Duo

"Everything can be taken from a man but the last of human freedoms, the right to choose one's attitude in any given set of circumstances--the right to choose one's own way."
--Viktor Frankl, Man's Search for Meaning

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The Light is Not Fading in Silicon Valley

The doomsdayers have pronounced silicon valley brain dead and they say the plug has already been pulled, we just haven't noticed the equipment powering off, presumably because we are well, brain dead

Not true. Very far from the truth in fact. As someone who has lived and worked in silicon valley for nearly 20 years I can say there is just as many intelligent passionate people with the drive to do something as there ever was. I could find 100 or so such people immediately from my own social circle.